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Crocheting and Knitting Help Maintain Brain Health


Knitting and crocheting, aside from becoming a popular and productive activity that younger people are increasingly picking up, have been around for many years. This craft has offered the older population a brain-stimulating pastime that stimulates creativity while generating high-quality results, such as clothing, bedding, and other useful items.

Allowing your older loved ones to take up knitting and crocheting as a hobby is one method you may assist them to preserve their mental energy. Even if your seniors already enjoy this pastime, allowing them to join knitting and crocheting social clubs can be a terrific way to keep them entertained and healthy at the same time.

My Living Hope Care, LLC, your dependable senior care in Louisiana, provides high-quality social activities that keep our elders active and interested. We always urge our elders to participate in innovative and exciting activities that they will undoubtedly love as a method to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

We would want to explain the benefits of knitting and crocheting as part of our social activities and companionship:

  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, stress, and anxiety
  • Assists you in falling asleep
  • Assists with focused breathing
  • Provides a sense of fulfillment and usefulness
  • Fosters a sense of community

Our home care experts and companions make it a priority to keep our seniors in good physical and mental health. If your senior loved one doesn’t have one yet, we can always accompany them to joining hobby clubs to keep them entertained and socialized with like-minded peers.

Please call us at 318-759-0534 for additional information about our home and community-based services in Bossier City, Louisiana.

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