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Who We Are

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My Living Hope Care is a home and community-based service provider licensed by the State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. We are geared towards providing proficient services to inspire hope and promote better health, well-being, and aspirations to elderly, disabled, and homebound individuals. We are a service provider for Louisiana Medicaid and Louisiana Health Care Connection, and we accept private insurance as well as all the Bayou Health Insurances.

My Living Hope Care strives to provide cost-effective services and support designed to allow individuals to remain in their homes with comfort, safety, satisfaction, and wellness assured. Our hope is for the individuals we serve to achieve a positive outcome, develop meaningful relationships, and attain a quality of life as defined by the individual and their families. We serve a wide range of people, young and old, guaranteeing quality care at all times to achieve our mission and vision as well as our clients’ health and wellness goals.

Let My Living Hope Care provide high-quality home and community-based services in Bossier City, Louisiana and its surrounding areas. We deliver services to eligible individuals in the comfort of their homes. Our caregivers will render individualized, excellent services that you can trust.

Why Choose My Living Hope Care, LLC?

Cost-Effective, Quality Services

We offer the best care at the most affordable rates. Through this, we can help more people get access to quality care and support they need at home without adding stress and too much burden on their finances. Rest assured that as we render quality services at cost-effective rates, we render them with the utmost respect, integrity, compassion, professionalism, and sincerity.

Person-Centered Care

We tailor each care plan to meet each client’s needs. We understand and acknowledge the no-size-fits-all saying. Hence, we make sure to assess our clients’ individual needs & preferences and ask them and their loved ones for their inputs so we can design an individualized service plan that matches the results of the assessment.

Reliable Professionals

Our team is licensed, bonded, insured, proficient, and well-mannered. Quality services come from quality people. As such, we make sure to employ highly qualified and trained care professionals who have the same passion and values as us to ensure our clients’ optimum wellness, satisfaction, comfort, and safety at all times.

Family-Like Treatment

We treat our clients and their families like our own. We understand that it is challenging to leave your loved ones in the hands of strangers. But with us here at My Living Hope Care, we are more than a team or a group of caregivers; we are family — and we treat our clients like our own families too because we believe that when you care with love, compassion, and respect, that is where we get the best outcomes.

Passionate and Trustworthy

For us, caregiving is not just a mere job. It is our passion. We are passionate about caring for people and making them feel valued, loved, and well-taken care of in the most familiar environments. It is our passion to give them the best care possible to improve their health and overall well-being. Hence, with this burning passion, you can trust each of our caregivers and staff to put you or your loved one’s holistic wellness and satisfaction at the top of our priorities.

Our Mission

My Living Hope Care is geared towards providing proficient services to inspire hope and promote better health, well-being, and aspirations to elderly, disabled, and homebound individuals. Our organization is committed to a tenacious evolution of in-home care services for seniors and homebound individuals.

Our Vision

As an organization, we pride ourselves in innovative care for senior and homebound individuals with love and patience while bridging that gap and maintaining a healthy family bond with exceptional and excellent care while inspiring hope for the individuals and their families.

Connect with Us

Feel free to contact us through our online form should you have questions and concerns. You may set an appointment with our care coordinators by clicking here to speak with us personally.